Fast Company Chatbot Case Study 03

Fast Company Chatbot Case Study 03

“This was uncharted territory for us, and Work & Co delivered a new experience layer for the Innovation Festival that elevates Fast Company’s aim of being known as the leader in innovative content and impactful live events.”

Alexa Jaccarino  Senior Editorial Events Manager

With a lineup of the most influential leaders in design and technology, the Fast Company Innovation Festival draws more than 5,000 attendees from around the world. Unique to the conference are “Fast Tracks,” where attendees go inside companies reshaping the business landscape. But this structure also makes the event expansive; with over 100 venues and hundreds of speakers, attendees need help navigating the entire conference.

Fast Company partnered with Work & Co on its first foray into machine learning with the creation of a chatbot to guide thousands of attendees and help them get the most out of the week-long conference.

Ask away

The responsive tool is an engaging way to answer common questions like, “When is the next session?” and “How do I get there?”

Most conversations took less than 2 taps to get the answer they were looking for, whether that was closest food, ticket availability, or their next session.

Faster, engaging customer service

Work & Co designed and developed the chatbot on Facebook Messenger. Using’s Elasticsearch, we augmented Elasticsearch with additional parameters such as exact keyword phrases or related terms to ensure greater accuracy for a match. We also built intelligence around repeat visits, time of day, and foul language. The result? The FCNY16 chatbot is an expert on each of the 130+ sessions, making it lightning fast for attendees to find the information they needed.

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